First Update!

This is my very first post and I am simply trying to figure out how to use this text editor. As of right now the home page is pretty much done, and only needs a few minor adjustments. 

Preview of the home page.

Hubert App

For my first app I decided that making a sticker app for the Apple app store would be a simple task. As expected it was indeed very simple to make, so in no time I had the app running on the app store. How did Hubert come about? My girlfriend is good at drawing and has a very creative mindset, so I figured I would ask her to attempt to create a character for a sticker app I planned on making. A few days passed and I randomly received a message with a picture attached. The picture attached was a cool looking robot with sunglasses with the words on top saying: 


I honestly thought it was brilliant. The design of the robot was just amazing. At some point more and more designs were sent to me which eventually led to the Hubert app being created. Download the Hubert Sticker Pack here.

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